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My name is Jill Fitzpatrick and I am the owner/founder of

Fitzpatrick Advocates

I am a patient advocate.  What is a patient advocate, you ask?

Patient advocates are the horse whisperers of modern healthcare. They work with patients to help them navigate the confusing and murky waters of healthcare from insurance, to costs for procedures and much more. Patient advocates meet one-on-one with patients, helping them understand procedures, connect with doctors and specialists, looking at options for treatment, financial responsibilities and more. For more detailed information on patient advocates, see my page entitled "What do patient advocates do?"

Why I know this is important


While the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) gave more Americans access to health care by assuring they had  health insurance, the current administration seems intent on doing what it can to cause the ACA to fail, despite having no plan to replace it. This has made everything having to do with healthcare more complicated and confusing.  It is almost impossible to get a quote from any healthcare provider about what the cost of services will be.  In any other business that would be absolutely unacceptable, but for some reason, this is the norm in healthcare. Because of this, people are often left with bills that are much more expensive than they imagined.  Even if they wanted to fight these excessive charges, it requires time to investigate and knowledge they do not possess. And if these bills are large enough, people have had to declare bankruptcy. Bankruptcy!  No one with health insurance should be forced to consider medical bankruptcy because they received care when they were sick.  NOBODY!

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