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What I can do for you

There are many different kinds of healthcare advocates.  Even if you are seeking a service I am unable to provide, I can connect you to a health care advocate who can.



Medical Claims Assistance

*Assistance with understanding explanation of benefits and the claims process

*Review medical claims for accuracy and resolve errors

*Coordinate with all providers, including medical groups, health plan, doctors offices, hospitals & ancillary providers to resolve billing issues

*Assistance with denials of claims and appeals 





Health Plan Benefits and Options

*Educate about benefits, coverage, terms and concepts

*Explain cost advantages of using network providers

*Request approval for non-network providers when services are not available through network providers

*Obtain referrals and authorization for required services


Assistance with Choosing and Obtaining Care

*Locating medical providers, clinics, hospitals and other services within existing health plans

*Identify appropriate provider network status and scope of practice

*Understand the cost of care before treatment

*Coordinate and arrange for appointments and transportation if needed

*Prepare for medical appointments, coaching clients, identifying questions and concerns



Initial Information Intake                $125.00


Additional Time Spent per hour       $100.00


Billing Remediation*                            25% 


*25% Remediation is off the total amount we are able to save you off your bill(s)


Once you become our client we remain available to you via phone, email, or in person if you prefer for any questions.


Contact Info

Phone: 612-590-2532


Hours: 8am - 6pm Monday - Friday