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A word from my clients.......

The thing that makes me happy is hearing from my clients when I have managed to get the desired outcome for them.

Kathy Teal, Lakeville MN

Here is Kathy's story:

I just wanted to say thanks for being my advocate in fighting to get my SI joint fusion surgery.

When I first started (the appeals process with my insurance company) I was doing it on my own.  They told me that I had three chances to appeal their decision.  For my first appeal,  I sent in information given to me by my doctor. This was denied.

Next, my insurance company said I should send in some letters from my doctors which explained why I needed this surgery.  I did this and they also denied this request.

I asked how to go about the third appeal and I was told you only get two appeal and then you are done.  No more chances.  I was frantic!  I didn't understand what happened to the third appeal. I asked the people in my human resource department at work for help.  They did some digging and found out that I had two appeals and an external review. Because I didn't use the right term, they were not going to help me!

I knew then I needed outside help. I contacted Jill and explained my situation and stressed the urgency of getting my final appeal done right.  (The insurance company only gives you so long and if you do not meet their dead line you are done.)  Jill met me right away the next day and we went over a game plan. With her background in the medical field (and experience with insurance companies) she knew how to "speak" their language.  She gave me a list of things to gather from my medical records and she got more information on the kind of surgery I needed. We ended up sending around 200 pages of info to them. She also firmly stated we wanted a board certified spinal surgeon to review my appeal, not just any orthopedic doctor.  

With her help and persistence my surgery was approved!  My surgery was April 4th, 2016.  I am now on my way to recovery and am able to be myself again. Thanks again Jill for everything.

Ward Taylor of Mounds View

"My insurance company refused to pay for a surgical procedure that they had approved prior to surgery. I attempted to handle the first appeal to the insurance company myself, and they refused to overturn their decision. Only a final appeal remained to resolve the issue. The sum of money was sizeable and with only one chance remaining, I called Fitzpatrick Advocates. There was an initial consultation over the phone and a couple of face-to-face meetings to look over the insurance letters and to discuss strategy. The submitted appeal was a success and the insurance company paid the bill! I'm so glad I called Fitzpatrick Advocates."


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